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Property Management

Wesley Property Management Company (WPMC) has a strong history, with more than 40 years of successful property management, developed by its parent company, Wesley Housing Development Corporation. From senior staff to direct site staff, WPMC is serious about performance and does not overlook the little details that make properties perform in highly successful ways. By treating your money and property in the same way we treat our own, with efficiency, effectiveness, and an unequaled professionalism, you will come to trust and rely on WPMC as your asset's agent and partner. Direct property management services include:

Asset Management

Collectively, WPMC staff has 70 years of experience in actively administering properties. Large and small portfolios throughout the U.S. have been managed through third parties as well as directly managed through affiliates on occasion. Your property will be treated with care and diligence, and it will be respected as if owned by the firm. Whatever your individual portfolio needs are, WPMC can provide this service in a professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner to add value, protect ownership interests, and handle your risk management.

Risk Management

The WPMC team has a diverse and exemplary history in the multifamily rental housing market, allowing us to effectively serve your risk management needs. The technical depth and breadth of our staff’s experience allows us to mitigate portfolio risk, thereby reducing your overall operating costs and exposure.


Regulatory compliance is a complicated arena for many management firms, especially when that firm is burdened with untrained or improperly trained staff. HUD and LIHTC regulatory compliance are specialties for WPMC. Both our corporate and on-site property staff are exceptionally well-trained and recognized as specialists in the affordable housing industry. Whatever your development or direct management compliance needs are, you can count on our expertise to help define a successful plan and shepherd your properties through this ever-changing regulatory landscape.


The WPMC accounting team is led by a Chief Financial Officer who has more than 25 years of industry experience. Fully equipped with an experienced staff of senior accountants and bookkeepers, we provide full accrual financial statements, ad-hoc schedules as requested, and full audit preparation services in compliance with lender, investor, and regulatory requirements.

Third Party Consulting

No issue is too large or small for us. We have experts to assist you in evaluating your current third party management agent, help with compliance issues, and help determine short- or long-term strategic planning. We want to improve your assets by helping with developing your 15 year tax credit exit strategies, redevelopment needs, marketing needs, staffing evaluations, compliance training, market repositioning, mortgage default or modification strategies, and beyond.

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