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Our Communities

In case of an after-hour emergency or maintenance request, please contact the site management office as listed below for each property. For a life threatening emergency, please call 911.

Beverly Park Apartments
703-838-8040, BeverlyParkApartments@whdc.org

Brookland Place Apartments
202-930-1013, BrooklandPlace@whdc.org

Colonial Village Apartments
703-525-5555, ColonialVillageApartments@whdc.org

Coppermine Place I 
703-793-0336, CopperminePlaceIApartments@whdc.org 

Coppermine Place II
703-793-0336, CopperminePlaceIIApartments@whdc.org

703-528-7751, HiddenBrooke@whdc.org

Knightsbridge Apartments
703-528-7751, KnightsbridgeApartments@whdc.org

Lynhaven Apartments
703-548-0093, LynhavenApartments@whdc.org

Madison Ridge Apartments
703-988-9380, MadisonRidgeApartments@whdc.org

ParcView Apartments
703-751-2297, ParcViewApartments@whdc.org

Quarry Station Seniors Apartments
703-393-7788, QuarryStationApartments@whdc.org

Strawbridge Square Apartments
703-354-1155, StrawbridgeApartments@whdc.org

Wexford Manor Apartments
703-573-8430, WexfordManorApartments@whdc.org

Whitefield Commons Apartments
703-528-7751, WhitefieldCommonsApartments@whdc.org

William Watters Apartments
703-358-9135, WilliamWattersApartments@whdc.org

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